DAGMEC 20th Annual Virginia C. Wood Resident Research Forum


Submission deadline – April 1, 2019

DAGMEC 20th Annual Virginia C. Wood Resident Research Forum
Thursday, April 25, 2019 – 5:00 – 7:00pm
Top of the Market
32 N. Webster St.
Dayton, OH  45402

The 20th Annual Virginia C. Wood Resident Research Forum is a poster presentation that features research and scholarly work by interns, residents and fellows.

The forum’s purpose is to:

RULES -  Please read carefully and click the confirmation button below to access the abstract submission form.

  1. Posters presented at another professional meeting are allowed and even encouraged. We want you to share your work, especially work that is good enough to be accepted at outside meetings.

  2. ONLY ONE POSTER may be submitted per primary author.
    • Primary author may be a co-author on other posters, but primary only on one.

  3. Primary author (resident or fellow) is to be the one who presents the poster at the forum.

  4. Residents, interns and fellows who are currently in a DAGMEC program may submit posters.
    • Faculty (including ‘Extra year residents’ who are classified as faculty) may not be primary author and may not submit to the forum. However, they are encouraged to help with resident/fellow research projects and may be listed as co-author(s) on more than one poster.

  5. CATEGORIES:  Please be careful to submit under the correct category (see details below):

    Patient Safety/Quality Improvement
      --this category includes all types of research (case studies excluded) that deal with such things as: patient hand-offs/transitions of care, incorporating/improving protocols (hospital or outpatient), office flow, process improvement, patient/provider incentives, improving patient safety, or the many other areas that have to do with patient safety/quality improvement.

    --this category includes, among other things: chart reviews, basic science, clinical interventions, translational research, medications, etc. It can also include surveys and medical pedagogical (education/teaching) research. It does NOT include case studies or case reports (separate category). 
    (It is recognized that some projects could be classified both in this category and in the Patient Safety/QI category. If the project could qualify as Pt Safety/QI, we encourage you to submit it under that category).

    Case Reports/Series
        --this includes all case reports and case series projects. We strongly encourage these reports/series to be of the highest quality

    Fellow's Projects
        --this category includes all types of research (including case reports/series) performed by fellows. 

  6. It is expected that any resident/fellow who submits an abstract has an appropriate level of involvement in the project.
    • Primary authors are to have had significant involvement in all aspects of the project.
    • For case reports/case series, it is expected that the resident /fellow who submits the case report/series as primary author will have had personal contact with the patient(s) being discussed.


  1. All abstracts must have IRB approval from their respective institutions. The exception is that case reports presented by WSU residents/fellows do not need IRB approval, as a case report is not considered "Human Subjects Research" by the Wright State IRB. However, All projects are expected to comply strictly with all HIPPA regulations, and projects are expected to have taken all appropriate steps to protect any PHI.

  2. Abstracts must be submitted by April 1, 2019.  Any abstracts without Program Director/Sponsor approval by April 12th will not be considered.

  3. Any exceptions to the rules must be approved before abstract submission. Send questions to diana.ramsey@wright.edu

  4. Please follow usual scientific format in writing your abstract. The following links may be helpful in writing and formatting your abstract.

If you are submitting a Case Report here are some guidelines to help with your formatting:

Please also ask your faculty adviser for assistance and review

Once you submit your application, it will be sent to your program director for approval. If you do not receive confirmation of acceptance from DAGMEC within one week of submitting your application, please check with your program director to confirm that they have submitted approval for the project, then contact diana.ramsey@wright.edu for confirmation.

Please label each section of your abstract. For instance:
Title: followed by the title
Introduction: followed by the introduction
And so on.

By clicking this following link you attest that you've read and will follow the submission rules and guidelines:





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